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29th Quadrennial Session of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE 2019)

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Washington, D.C. June 17, 2019 - June 19, 2019

Poster Session Day 1

As the user community for gaming engines such as Unity expands to include the medical community diving into the world of extended reality (XR), so does the need for a framework to understand the engine's underlying rendering properties.

For instance, 3D visualization approaches for diagnostic imaging using X-rays require predictable color stimuli and compliance to a target model (typically, the DICOM Grayscale Standard Display Function). For this type of visualization mode, true- and pseudo- color representations from the Unity scene to the head-mounted displays (HMD) should be utilized.

In this work, the transfer of color properties from digital objects, through the rendering and image processing steps, to the RGB values sent to the HMD device is examined. Measurements of the change in color image properties associated with four distinct configurations were characterized using the CIE 1976 formula for deltaE. The 8-bit pixel values, R, G, and B, were converted to the CIEXYZ color space, X, Y, Z, using the sRGB model with the CIE D50 white point. CIEXYZ values were then converted to the CIELAB color space as L*, a*, and b*. These findings provide an initial step for color characterization, standardization, consistency, and optimization for medical XR applications.

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